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How to Look ATTRACTIVE in INDIAN COLD! Winter Style Tips To Look Handsome

How to Look ATTRACTIVE in INDIAN COLD! Winter Style Tips To Look Handsome.

Winter season styling becomes hard when the winter increases so much that you’re not comfortable. For that reason you have to wear thick jackets and you don’t look fashionable because of that but don’t worry these problems will be solved with my style tips.

You will be comfortable and you will enjoy winters in a fashionable way. in this fashion, grooming and personality tips you can look the most stylish among your friends group and girls will be impressed by default and if you want to look good despite wearing thick jackets.

Base Layer

The first fashion tip to Look ATTRACTIVE in INDIAN COLD is your base layer that will touch your skin I.e thermals. Thermals don’t leave your body and keep you warm. These thermals cannot be seen. also buy good quality thermal or it will irritate your skin like itching.

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Change the Fabric

Next to Look ATTRACTIVE in INDIAN COLD is correct fabrics or materials in winters. cotton is not a good fabric. wear fleece or thick fabrics or wool which your grandmother stitches or synthetic fabric like raincoat type like puffer jacket. or sherpa lining. These fabrics trap the air nicely you must’ve studied in science.

Layering Techniques

Next to Look ATTRACTIVE in INDIAN COLD is how to wear it in an order which is called layering which is one top of the other. you need to know the science behind layering with respect to colours length etc size etc. I have explained in detail in a layering Article.

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Once you have nailed the layering technique you learn the fashion trends which are right now varsity jackets, cut sleeve vests and if you’re in Mumbai you can wear only a sweater vest. If you’re in Delhi then you can wear a shirt.

Wear Bulky Jackets

Also right now puffer jackets are very trendy. Right now don’t wear denim jackets as it won’t keep you warm. but if your living in Delhi, Haryana or in the mountains over there no jacket can save you only puffer and overcoat can for parties puffer jacket, if you want a mature look then overcoat overcoat meaning is shaped like your blazer but overcoat is to be worn above all the outfits and these are longer than normal jackets.

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There are several types of over coat like top coat, car coat, b coat and there’s one called trench coat which is made of thin material the others are made from wool but these will protect you from light rains, wind etc and these are worn over jackets which gives extra warmth.

If you take a good overcoat then it will look good on formals and joggers too since we are talking about comfort the overcoat must at least reach till your knees there are some which end just after your thighs sometimes they look smart but what’s the point if your not comfortable from the cold.

In winters due to excessive outfits your range of motion is decreased so buy the overcoats in relaxed fit. for eg. if your thirst size is 40 then take a 42 or 44 overcoat. just keep in mind of the sleeves should not come outside I would say that you buy it in pure wool but that is expensive you worn get one below 8k/- but there are some brand which sell cheap ones with cheap quality.

The more rich the better benefits the best colours are black, dark grey, light grey, tan and beauty attitude there should be no patterns otherwise it will loose versatility if you have a lot of money then buy one which has patterns and logos buy classy buttons fancy buttons will loosen its classy factor.

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it won’t matter a lot if your buying a single bracelet one or double bracelet which overlaps and which has two lines of buttons it’s called lapel if its thin then its for everyday wear and its thick and triangular shaped then its formal if you want new then you will have to spend 4 to 5k even in sale.

Next style for casual is puffer jacket you can even wear for street style puffer jackets are made out of sporty nylon material it has puffed up pockets which traps your heat and keeps you warm. we don’t need so much knowledge.

They are synthetic which protects you from rain and the overcoat won’t be the length that is important in a puffer jacket it should be under your waist the length of the inside outfits must be less. I know in streetstyle a little cropped style is fine it may look good for 1 or 2 photos but what’s the point if it doesn’t protect you from the cold.

And its expensive if your buy a good quality one then please do not buy vulgar colours buy simple plain ones, black etc and the stitching must not be different contrast do not buy glossy ones they look cheap even if you buy it worth 50k if you want to wear on top of the puffer jacket then buy a cut sleeve one if you want to know more check out the must have jackets.

The fitting must be slim fit if your size is 40 then take 42 because with a puffer jacket there is a lot of movement.

Wear Boots

NEXT to Look ATTRACTIVE in INDIAN COLD Coming to footwear avoid footwear and better than that try boots two benefits are it traps the heat in the shoe with its thick material and sole. The ground temperature doesn’t reach your feet better than Chelsea boots are military and combat boots right now.

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For accessories it can get a little tricky because it’s less, with hoodie you can wear a necklace even bracelet no point because your hand is covered and if your wearing gloves then you can’t wear rings too.

The best one is muffler which I have mentioned in layering Article next is cap which beanies and normal caps cannot tackle the cold. it’s a fur one which covers the full head and it may not look good but with the right colour it might you will look stylish trust me. in colours dark grey or dark brown.


Now to Look ATTRACTIVE in INDIAN COLD let’s come to grooming tips let your beard grow in winters give it shape which you may have seen in our beard Article.

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let it get dense and dark and in winters It looks good same with your hairstyle if you have been growing your hair since august September, then let it grow it looks good in winters and you can even wear a cap. Best hairstyles are curtains or even a man bun.

Next the fragrances that you put must be musky deep and the citrus ones keep it for summer. This time go for a woody or fruity smell. and you have to take good care of your skin. In winters the air is very dry and cold due to which your skin has no moisture. You have to use basic products and what products to use and how you must’ve watched it in our winter skincare.

Personality Tips FOR WINTERS

Next to Look ATTRACTIVE in INDIAN COLD is personality lifestyle and mindset tips. As your brother I would say don’t let the cold affect your personality. I know the winters may be a bit uncomfortable you are covered in clothes and you don’t want to talk to people.

But you will have to keep your mind strong and talk to people, socialise and network of course work networking, but you cannot be lazy because of the cold keep your productivity high and aim to be your best.

Even while talking to people do not keep your body closed keep it open and stay involved in the conversation to keep your body warm. There is always , tea, non veg, nuts etc and if you want more heat then that’s always.

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Look ATTRACTIVE in INDIAN COLD! Winter Style Tips To Look Handsome

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